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Latest Post - July 04, 2015

Conglomerate Rock Facts and Information
Conglomerate is a clastic sedimentary rock characterized by rounded or subangular fragments that are larger than 0.079 inch (2 mm) in diameter, typically set in a finer grained matrix of sand or silt-sized particles.
08:24 23 February 2014 at Science
Cone of Depression Definition
Cone of depression is a type of depression in the water table formed by overpumping from a well. Wells are normally drilled to penetrate well below the water table to allow for seasonal rises and falls of the water table related to changes in the balance between recharge and discharge from the aquifer.
15:39 21 February 2014 at Science
Cloud Facts and Information
Clouds is Visible masses of water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the lower atmosphere, generally confined to the troposphere. The water droplets and ice crystals condense from water vapor around small dust, pollen, salt, ice, or pollution particles that aggregate into cloud formations, classified according to their shape and height in the atmosphere.
12:23 09 February 2014 at Science
What is Clinometer
Clinometer an instrument used in surveying for measuring angles of elevation, slope, or incline, also known as an inclinometer. Clinometers are measuring devices used to measure the angle of a line of sight above or below the horizontal.
09:13 24 January 2014 at Science

Dress Guide for a Summer Wedding Dress
Have you ever been invited to a Wedding this summer? What to wear to a summer wedding? This is a matter of some people. Looking for what to wear to a wedding summer is almost complicated, itís like when we are choosing dress to your first date.

What is Cleavage in Rock Properties
Cleavage is a structural property of certain rocks to split along closely spaced secondary penetrative features such as aligned microcracks and tectonic foliations. Cleavage is a type of foliation defined by penetrative or zonal alignments of mica and quartz grains and domains, or by the preferred alignment of microcracks.

Clay Facts and Information
What is clay? Clay is a fine-grained sediment with particles less than 0.000015 inch (1/256 mm) in diameter. Clays display colloidal behavior as they are easily suspended in a fluid and may not precipitate until different particles stick together to form larger particles.

Dressing up Guest Dress for Summer Wedding
The summer Wedding season is come too fast and if you have been invited to a Wedding this summer. But you still havenít the dress? Oh it so badly, Maybe it not be your big day, but that doesnít mean you donít deserve to look perfect than other guest wedding party.

Clastic Rocks Facts and Information
Clastic rocks is sedimentary rocks that are composed primarily of fragments of older rocks and minerals that have been broken off from their parent rock, transported, and redeposited. The word clastic is derived from the Greek word klastos, meaning broken.

Chugach Mountains Alaska Facts and Information
Southern Alaska is underlain by a complex amalgam of accreted terranes, including the Wrangellia superterrane (consisting of the peninsular, Wrangellia, and Alexander terranes), and farther outboard, the ChugachĖPrince William superterrane.

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